sell a house with foundation problemsHaving a strong foundation is critical because it holds your house steady above the ground, keeps out moisture, and insulates your home from the cold. A strong foundation allows your home to withstand extreme weather conditions, keeping your entire family safe indoors.

But what happens when your home’s foundation eventually gets weak or develops issues? Does having foundation issues equate to a valueless home?

This article will answer some of the most common questions about selling a house with foundation problems and issues. Use this article as your guide when you’re selling yours.

Can I Sell My House With Foundation Issues?

The short answer to this question is yes; you can still sell your house with foundation problems. As long as you disclose this information the moment you list your property and talk to a potential buyer, you can still earn profits regardless of how weak or damaged your home’s foundation is.

However, keep in mind that most homebuyers won’t be able to afford a house with foundation problems that need repair. Generally, established financial institutions and lenders will not finance conventional mortgages for properties with several structural problems. Only select mortgage programs allow homebuyers to finance homes with foundation issues.

selling distressed propertiesWhat Are the Common Signs of Home Foundation Problems?

Your home is an expensive investment, but this doesn’t mean that it’s immune to foundation issues. According to statistics, 25% of all US homes will develop some structural distress at some point in time, and five percent will eventually worsen into major structural problems.

There are many common signs of foundation issues, namely:


Wall, Door, or Window Cracks

Do you notice bubbling wallpaper or cracks in the paint of your walls? How about cracks around movable structures in your home, like doors and windows? Do you feel water or air blowing in when you walk by your doors and windows?

Seeing cracks around the movable structures of your home is a common sign of a foundation issue. Your home’s foundation was built to secure every movable structure in your home and keep them in place, which means that as your foundation moves, these structures will also move.

Cracks in your walls, doors, or windows are a cause for concern if these begin to widen. These cracks can serve as entryways for germs and bacteria and encourage the growth of mold and mildew indoors.

Drawers, Doors, and Windows Won’t Stay Closed or Open

As mentioned, once the foundation of your home shifts, everything in your home shifts, too. This can affect the functionality of your home’s built-in amenities, such as drawers, doors, and windows.

Depending on the severity of the damage, you might struggle to open your drawers or keep your doors shut. You might also notice the changes in the functionality of your windows — sometimes they stay open, but most of the time, they won’t stay shut.

Bubbled or Sloping Floors

The condition of your floors can determine if your home has foundation issues. Floors that seem to slope down or push up and down in the center indicate that your home is experiencing structural degradation.

If the structural damage is light, you will often notice that your furniture starts to look uneven. For example, your tables might feel wobbly, or some of the legs of your chairs might no longer touch the floor.

Leaning Chimneys

Your chimney is located on the topmost portion of your house, but this is usually where structural damage becomes evident. Leaning chimneys are a clear indication that your home’s foundation is already weak. When left unfixed, a leaning chimney can bring a whole wall down with it.

Why Do Homes Develop Foundation Issues?

There are many reasons why homes eventually develop foundation issues. Firstly, homes develop foundation issues when the soil beneath them dries out and shrinks. Extreme dry or hot weather conditions can cause the soil underneath to pull away from the foundation, causing your home to become unstable and inclined to shift.

Secondly, homes develop foundation issues if the soil beneath them absorbs too much water. When soil gets too saturated with water, it starts to swell and expand. This can cause pressure and push the foundation of your home upward, resulting in cracks in the ceilings, floors, and walls of your home. Your floors might even start to slope because of this upward movement.

Your home can also develop foundation issues if the foundation isn’t properly constructed or if your home is located near natural sinkhole foundations. Soil erosion due to improper drainage also increases your home’s risk of developing foundation issues.

How Can I Sell My Home With Foundation Problems?

While some homeowners have the time to look for home buyers who will buy their home with foundation issues, others have to sell it fast. The latter is usually true for homeowners who are about to relocate to another region or need cash as soon as possible.

If this sounds like your situation, consider selling your home to our cash home buyers. Companies, such as Sell My Houser, will buy your house in seven days (or more if you need additional time) without the stress of meeting realtors, making expensive repairs, cleaning and staging your property, or hosting open houses.

We will buy your home as-is, which means that you don’t have to worry about repairing anything in your home in order to sell it. We will make it very easy for you to earn profits from your home regardless of how weak its foundation is.

Aside from saving you the time and effort of going through several processes, also has no-obligation offers. We will inspect your home, determine its current market value, and provide you a cash offer in 24 hours or less. Of course, if you’re not pleased with our offer, you can always turn us down no hassle.

Knowledge Is Power

Selling houses with foundation problems is challenging, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to accomplish. As long as you know how and where to sell my house fast, you can still make profits from your home even if it has foundation issues.


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