sell my vacant property for cash

Sell My Vacant House Fast

Sell My Vacant House Fast

We buy vacant homes for cash

Cash For Vacant Homes

When it comes to selling property in the Phoenix Metro Area, you probably already know that you have your work cut out for you. Chances are, if you’re trying to sell your home, you’re probably also getting ready to buy another home, but your money is tied up until you make a sale. From undervalued offers to no offers at all, selling a house can be a long, discouraging process.

We Buy Your Vacant Property For Cash

If you’re looking for a faster sale on your vacant home, look no further. Our team of professionals are here to help you make a quick sale without compromising on value. In fact, we are pretty confident that you’ll want to work with us, so we’re offering completely free home evaluations. After completing the evaluation, we will present you with an accurate, working quote for the true value of your property.

What kind of houses do we buy? We are interested in all styles of vacant homes even if it is in poor condition or bad shape. Let us evaluate your townhouse, duplex, multi-bedroom apartment, or single-family house and get you the value quote that you deserve. We even consider houses that need considerable repair.

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Matching Buyers To New Homes

While you’re getting lowball offers from potential buyers who see you as naïve or desperate, we are confident that our team of experts can negotiate a sale for you that’s both fair and, more than likely, above what you’ve been offered already.

We know that you’re getting some pretty insulting offers. Some potential buyers think they can talk you down if your house is shown unfurnished, or it needs repairs. They may believe you’re so desperate that you can be persuaded to drop your price. That’s where we come in. We can get the best price on your property by matching it to the right buyer even if you are an out-of state snowbird with investment or retirement properties. We want you, as the seller, and the purchaser to be happy with the final sale.

House-Selling Success

Why are we the company for the job? Take a look at these winning facts about our business.

  1. You won’t pay any commission. – When you sell to us for cash, you are not obligated to pay a real estate commission on the sale.
  2. We buy houses “as is.” – This means that a buyer will not be paid for repairs, or have the price lowered due to necessary repairs even cracked foundations.
  3. You won’t pay any closing fees. – Unlike a traditional real estate agent, we take full responsibility for all closing fees associated with the sale of your property.
  4. We are incredibly flexible. – Offering complete customizable sale plans, we will work with you on the sale that makes the most sense for you and makes you the most money.
  5. You can get a free quote any time. – Our quotes, along with property evaluations, are completely free, and you can get one any time. Just give us a call!
  6. We are friendly, local experts. – You can’t beat working with a local company when selling your home. Our friendly staff are fully trained experts in selling in Phoenix AZ, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek Arizona.
  7. We buy all kinds of vacant homes. – From houses under inheritance probate or code violation to absentee owners and sudden widowhood, we are interested in all kinds of vacant homes. Tired of being a landlord? Getting ready to move across the country? We are here when you’re ready to sell your property.

The Vacant Home Problem

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Currently, approximately one in every sixty-three residential properties is lying vacant. With new houses being built and purchased all the time, this leaves around a million empty houses and apartments in Tucson, Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona.

Getting the money you need from the sale of a house is, naturally, your top priority. But there are other important reasons to sell fast, too. Unoccupied properties are attractive to squatters, and statistics show that crime is far higher among abandoned areas of the city. When a home is vacant for any length of time, it can easily become a distressed property and the scene of anything from vandalism to human trafficking. Further, if a squatter takes up residence in your empty home for a certain period of time, they can actually legally take over the ownership.

When a vacant home is taken over by squatters, there may also be physical and mental health concerns associated. Research has shown that people living in and around abandoned properties are more likely to suffer financially. Further, these people may also be more likely to develop chronic physical illnesses or mental illnesses.

  • Avoiding Further Depreciation – The longer a house lies vacant, the more susceptible it is to disrepair and depreciation in value. We know it’s discouraging to not have a sale yet, but you’ll be even more discouraged if you can’t keep up with home maintenance and repairs while you’re trying to sell. When this happens, you will continue to see the value of your home go down.
  • All Those Fees Stacking Up – When you are trying to sell a house, there are seemingly innumerable bills and fees that keep on stacking up. From utility payments on a vacant house to property taxes, and from real estate commissions to closing fees, you can’t seem to get away from all those bills.

We completely understand your need to sell as fast as possible. That’s why our company works on a simple, no-stress plan to move your property quickly and get you the best price at the same time. Making competitive offers, with no hidden fees, we will present you with a quote based on a free evaluation and comparable to current market prices.

Our Ethical, Trustworthy Team

We don’t believe in doing shifty business any more than you do. When you work with us, our ethical, trustworthy team of experts will only ever offer you a completely fair, fully evaluated price for your vacant home.

Want to see some proof? Take a look through our list of happy clients and read some reviews. You can also give us a call at any time to talk through our process. Have questions or concerns to sell my house fast? We are happy to explain anything and everything to you, so that you can enter a sale with as much knowledge and comfort as possible.

sell my house fast ArizonaStill not sure if you’re ready to work with us? Get in touch for a consultation, and we will be happy to assist you in making the right decision for you. We want you to be as happy with the sale of your vacant home for cash as we are in buying.

Contact us today to speak to a member of our friendly team!


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