Is Done Deal Realty Legit or a Scam?

Done Deal Realty is an Arizona-based real estate company that buys homes for cash. Their approach focuses on providing sellers with fast, easy, and profitable transactions. They emphasize a quick selling process, eliminating the need for multiple showings and promising more profit compared to traditional selling methods. Customer reviews highlight swift sales, exceptional service, and satisfaction with the sale outcomes. Cash home buyer reviewers consistently praise the company’s efficiency, expertise, and the ease of the selling process.

For more detailed information and customer reviews, please visit their website at Done Deal Realty.

Online Reviews for Done Deal Realty

  1. Tyler Quinn: Found Done Deal helpful in understanding selling options, praising Evan’s niceness and the surprisingly quick sale.
  2. Richard Martin: I enjoyed a smooth transaction with Alex, noting his expertise.
  3. Thanks to John’s assistance, Natalia Latshaw Recommends Done Deal for quick, hassle-free house sales.
  4. Luca Wilson: Impressed with Alex’s professionalism and market insight during a Chandler home sale.
  5. Jenny Martin: I found selling with John easier than in past experiences, highlighting a quick and straightforward process.
  6. Cory Carlson: Praised John’s helpfulness and communication during the selling process.
  7. Steve Larsen: Complimented Mike’s knowledge and the ease of the transaction.
  8. Noel Cottrell: I had a positive experience with Alex, appreciating his market knowledge and smooth process.
  9. Jake Winters: Highlighted Done Deal’s efficiency in presenting multiple options and achieving offers above the listing price within 48 hours.
  10. Cynthia Gastelum: Recommends Done Deal for their smooth transactions and knowledgeable team, particularly John.
  11. Colten Brooks: Thanked Done Deal for their immediate response and assistance, contrasting with another company’s lack of communication.
  12. Carsen: Praised Evan for his cool demeanor and smooth handling of the selling process.
  13. arlsoncrew6: Expressed gratitude to John for simplifying the selling process.
  14. an Gastelum: Thankful to Alex and the team for guiding them in finding a home and planning to refer others.
  15. Jackson O’Brien: Lauds Done Deal for making both selling and buying incredibly easy, complimenting the team’s customer service.
  16. Julie Nelson: Appreciates Alex’s helpfulness and expertise, noting his effective communication and attention to needs.
  17. Amy Stump: working with Evan was very helpful and positive.
  18. Eric Nelson: I had an easy and helpful experience working with Alex.
  19. Michael Tomaselli: Commends Evan for a stress-free and convenient process.
  20. Conor Lally: Impressed by Mike’s knowledge and the simplicity of the transaction.
  21. Nick M: Praise the innovative and hassle-free home selling process with Done Deal, avoiding common selling issues.
  22. Paige Winters: Expresses satisfaction with the home selling experience through Done Deal, highly recommending them.

Kyla Altman, Sloane, Ryan, Juliana Wilson, and Lawrence Lottenberg: These reviewers also shared positive experiences with Done Deal, but specific details were not provided.