How Hard Is It To Sell a House?

selling my house as is condition fast for cashHere at Sell My Houser, we believe that there is one certainty in life.

Real estate never depreciates. If you’re a homeowner looking to sell your home, this is excellent news. However, the current pandemic has thrown a wrench into many a house seller’s (and home buyer’s) plans.

Indeed, 2020 didn’t do homeowners any favors when it came to opening up opportunities to sell a home. You may be hearing stories about homes that have been on the market for months until the time of writing.

The COVID-generated status quo may spell doom for your home sale. However, with the right home buyer, you’ll be able to close a sale on your home. As a bonus, you’ll be able to sell your house for a price that you’ll be more than happy about.

Yes, these are probably hitting all the right notes with you. But, before we tell you more about how to close your home sale, let’s get into how hard selling a home is in 2021.

Home Showings Are Challenging

sell my house fastThings may already be opening up a bit in Arizona in cities like Ocotillo in Chandler, Queen Creek and Gilbert AZ. Nonetheless, there may still be policies on quarantine and social distancing in effect. At the time of writing, Arizona still encourages social distancing albeit with reduced enforcement.

Arizona’s gradual transition to normalcy has still made house showings challenging. With social distancing still encouraged and generally practiced, you can’t expect crowds of people walking through your home.

This minimizes the chances of selling your home if you believe in the law of averages. In any case, know this:

With current restrictions in place, you can only allow a limited number of people into your home.

Times Are Hard for Home Buyers and Financiers Alike

foreclosure statistics 2022-2021The pandemic has caused the economic sector to take a major hit. Unpaid mortgages and failed house purchase transactions are at an all-time high due to the economic aftershock caused by the lockdowns.

Despite the low real estate inventory realtors are quick to point to, the facts on the ground are clear — financing a home is tough in these times. Money is hard to come by. And, it’s probably the reason you’re selling your home.

Homebuyers will also have a tough time taking out loans. These days, banks and financial institutions are taking advantage of gradual re-openings. These institutions are playing a game of “catching up,” collecting on payments, and being conservative in handing out loans.

For these reasons, don’t expect too many notifications from your Redfin or Trulia accounts. With financing being a limiting factor for many people now, your chances of selling your home aren’t looking too good.

A Time for Some Serious Nickel-and-Diming

Even if you were by chance able to close a deal on your home, the price may not be one you’ll be glad about.

A lot of house buying companies may still be willing to buy your home despite what’s going on on the market. However, these companies are aware of the difficulties of selling a home now.

To them, they hold the upper hand. Because buying and selling homes isn’t as easy as it was pre-COVID, they’ve got the upper hand in negotiating prices.

A buyer that tries to close a deal with you may be buying your house, but not for the price you want. It’s either this or the company presents a cash offer upfront and then changes it when you’ve already spent a lot of time moving the transaction along.

Either way, the chance of a cash offer not living up to your expectations is a possibility you shouldn’t ignore in times like these. So, finding the right buyer becomes all the more important.

Selling a Home Is Challenging, but Not Impossible

In fact, it may even be more straightforward than you think it is. It all comes down to finding the right buyer who will buy your home for the correct market value. We mean a price that isn’t too far off from your home’s original price.

Other than that, you’ll also need a buyer who will present the offer as a cash offer if you need money quickly. Luckily, Arizona is home to one such company.

“How Do I Sell My Home?” — Get a Cash Offer!

“To whom can I sell my home in Arizona?” you ask? Look no further than Sell My House!

You can count on SellMyHouser to take your home off your hands in as is condition for a price you’ll be happy about.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are trying to sell your home in Arizona. You’ll get a free estimate and an offer in a matter of minutes!


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